Commencement of Practice- 01/02/2008    NCR Registration Number- NCRDC226

Mission Statement

To engage with consumers,creditors and all other role players in ensuring a solution is achieved resulting in relieving clients of their state of over indebtedness.

Client Register

Existing Active Clients

-Debt restructuring matters approved in court

-Pending matters in court

-Clients contribution via the payment distribution agent

Our Reserved Debt Counsellor- Bavanandan Naidoo(Basil)

Date of Birth:22/06/1967

NCR Registration number: NCRDC226


Post Matric Qualification

1.Dale Carnegie

2.Certification-Building  Societies Association of South Africa

3.Certification-Estates Agents Affair Board

4.Diploma- KZN Management

5.Certification-Damelien/NCR Debt Counselling


Work Experience

1992-2003 Manager

                    -Peoples Bank



2003-2007 Self Employed

                    -Estate Agent & Finance Banker

2008-Till Current  Registered Debt Counsellor

My primary objective as a debt counsellor is to give you peace of mind by analyzing your situation and working towards a affordable repayment plan that will be reasonable and sustainable,