1.Conduct an indepth interview

2.Undertake a detailed analysis of clients finances.

3.Complete  a standard  application.

4.Explain client about the Debt Counselling process,including the consequences thereof & the relevant fee structure.

5. Load the clients information on the website of the NCR.

6.Complete a credit check.

7.Fax Notification to all credit providers(17.1)within 5 business days.

8.Notify creditors of clients indebtedness within 30days.

9.Restructure clients debt and inform creditors within 45 days.

10.Set matter down in court within 60days.

11.Advise creditors of set down details.

12.Enter into negotiation with creditors where necessary.

13.Work towards obtaining a restructure order.

14.Monitor payments of client.

15.Provide aftercare service.

16.Review client financial situation periodically.